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Q: I am trying to find hotels close to New York City with a great view. Any suggestions?

A: If you're looking for a great view try the Hudson River Valley. The Hudson River Valley is minutes from New York City via the Metro North Train. A beautiful place in the Hudson River Valley is Jefferson Valley. Jefferson Valley has a scenic view and is minutes from New York City!

Q: A friend of mine is moving to Jefferson Valley. I'm worried when I visit her, we won't have anywhere to shop!

A: Don't fret! Jefferson Valley is home to a mall with a Macy's, Sears, and over 90 specialty stores. You will most definitely have a place to shop in Jefferson Valley!

Q: I am planning a trip to New York. Are there any places outside the city that are worth visiting?

A: Are you kidding?! First of all, New York State is home to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains and the historic Hudson River. These are must-sees! On your way upstate, it will be worth checking out Jefferson Valley, which will give you a great view and a great place to shop at the Jefferson Valley Mall!

Q: I am staying with a friend of mine in Jefferson Valley because it's cheaper to stay here. How far is the city? Is there anything to do in Jefferson Valley?

A: Jefferson Valley is a great place to shop, eat, catch a flick, or catch a train down to New York City which is only about 30 minutes away!

Q: I am so sick of living in New York City. But I can't leave my job! Where should I move?

A: Good question. Many people in your situation move to Westchester County which is just north of New York City and still accessible by train! Jefferson Valley is great place to move. Located in Yorktown, you could still catch a train to work in the city, but come back at night to go shopping, or catch a flick in a more comforting, scenic area.

Q: I heard the Jefferson Valley Mall was a great place to shop. Is this true?

A: You bet it's true. The Jefferson Valley Mall has a Macy's, Sears, H & M, and over 90 specialty shops to choose from. In addition to this, the Jefferson Valley Mall has an exquisite movie theater and an over 500 seat food court. Not a bad deal!

Q: I am planning a trip to New York City but while I'm in the state, I'd like to visit somewhere besides the city. Any suggestions?

A: The Hudson River Valley is a great place to visit and it's also a hop, skip, and a jump away from New York City. Jefferson Valley is a great place to visit, nestled in historic Yorktown, you won't want to miss the historic Hudson River and other breathtaking views!

Q: My aunt just moved to Yorktown and I am going to visit. Is there anything to do there?

A: Actually Yorktown is home to the Jefferson Valley and you may want to visit the Jefferson Valley Mall! Or you could go bowling, catch a flick, or a bite to eat. Either way, you could catch a train to New York City for the day because it's only 30 minutes away!